If you are reading this then you are probably what I would refer to as a “newbie”. What is a newbie? They are someone who has always found sex through the traditional pathways. First you go out for the evening. Then you find someone who is mildly attractive and you buy them drinks all night. At last call you try to convince them that they want to go home with you. Sometimes you are lucky and they do, but most of the time you go home alone and penniless with a bad hangover in the morning. That doesn’t sound like much fun, does it? My guess is that you have had enough and that is what led you here. After reading a lot of online dating advice, I devided to offer you my own version of the best tactics for adult dating in Canada. It is a comprehensive guide about which are the best ways to get laid, and the type of sex that you desire, using the internet. Although seeming pretty complex, internet sex is about the most simplistic form of dating that there is out there.

the right girl

If this is what you are looking for, it is out there

What are you looking for?

I am going to make a huge assumption here. I am going to assume that you aren’t looking for someone to introduce to mom. Why am I doing that? That is not usually what you use an adult dating site for. Canadians Adult dating sites are different from regular internet dating sites. They weren’t created to find you eternal love, or your soul mate. They were set up to find those who want to get laid, what they want. Hookup sites, or adult dating for Canadians is the most honest form of dating that there is. It is liberating and easy all at the same time. In fact, I would go so far as to say that it is the best thing to hit the dating world since the dating world began.

There are hundreds of different sex dating sites in Canada. That does not mean that they are all the same. If you go online and just start trying them all out, what you are going to do is be very disappointed, and probably broke to boot. Why are there so many different sites? The reason is because sex sells. The best site I like to use is this one. There are many other adult dating sites that are legit, but there are just as many that are nothing but a good way to go bankrupt quick and humiliatingly. That is why before you choose which site to use, you should do some research.

girls on the website

No matter what you are into there is a site for you

What to look for in a site

The key to finding the right site is to know what type of girl you are looking for. There are all sorts of specific sites that cater to different niche markets. If you are someone who is in a committed relationship and are looking for someone who is the same, then you want to find a site that caters to that type of client. The advantages to staying with your niche market is that you are going to have the most success finding what you are looking for, and in cases where there are specifics that are important, you aren’t going to waste your time. If you are someone who is married, finding a site that has the right security measures is going to be important so you don’t get caught. If you are someone who likes feet and has a foot fetish, finding a site that is alright with those who have special requests is going to save you a whole lot of time…catch my drift?The other thing that you want to be very cognizant of is how long a site has been around. If you hop onto a site that is brand new you are taking your chances. Adult sites come and go, and finding one that has a good reputation is the best way to protect yourself from getting scammed. The newest and greatest sites may offer you the best deal and have the prettiest women to show you, but there is a reason why they won’t last very long. They aren’t real. If you want to use a site that you know has credibility then find one that has been around for a while.Also, find a site that you have to pay to use. I know cheapskate, it seems like a good idea to save some dollars, but it isn’t worth it. I can guarantee that the time you waste finding someone real on a free site is not worth it. You get what you pay for. On free sites you are going to encounter a barrage of fake profiles and fake women who are going to look like the real deal only to turn you off and maybe take advantage of you at the same time.

What else to look for

Other things to be aware of is that sites are usually specific to different locations. A site that is popular in London is not necessarily going to be in Canada. It is important to find a site that has the most population in your area. You aren’t going to get very lucky if there are only two Canadian girls on the website that you choose. Googling to find out which sites are rated highest is going to gain you the best results. It may slow down the process a bit, but that way once you choose you know that you are getting exactly what you want.

on dating night

You get what you pay for even on dating sites

It is important whichever site you choose that you go about it with your wits intact. Just because it is a site that is supposed to get you sex, don’t think with the wrong decision maker. If something doesn’t seem quite right, it isn’t. Follow your common sense and never take a chance that you wouldn’t with any other subject. The worst thing that can happen is that you are going to walk away penniless, and without your pride. If you want to make sure to get all the sex you want, you have to be smart and patient. The right girl will come along and you will get lucky, you just have to be ready to wait for it.

If you are not having much success finding someone to love through the traditional routes, you may be wondering if a personal dating service is the way to go. Many men and women who are very committed to their career wake up one day to find that everyone around them has someone. Sure, they are rich and have everything that they could possibly want. The problem is that they have no one to share it with. There are all sorts of dating services on the internet, but a personal dating service is different. Not only is it more custom, it is way more expensive. Even if you have the additional income, are they worth the money, or nothing more than false promises? The choice of using a personal dating service is one that you should think about carefully, but it could be the answer to your prayers.

talking holding hands

People handpicked for you

The internet is chalked full of different ways to meet people. Giving people another venue to meet the person of their dreams, they are ideal for people who are either shy, or just are tired of the dating scene and don’t have the time or the energy. The profile that you get with a dating site is great to weed through people and find someone who is compatible and wants the same things that you do. The problem with the dating profile is that it is filled out by the person who you are meeting. Some people are not all that honest when creating their profile. It is not uncommon for them to choose the best picture, even if it doesn’t look like them, or to choose one when they were 20 pounds and 20 years younger. In their defense, who is going to choose a bad picture.There are some people who think that they are being completely honest, but just don’t know themselves all that well. So, when you use traditional dating sites you are really doing nothing more than flying blind. More so than when you take the chance at the bar, because you never know what is on the other end of the keyboard, or more importantly who is. If you have the means to do something that will guarantee you better results and may not be as much of a waste of time, then it is something you should consider.

romance on the sea

It is easier letting someone weed through for you

A personal dating service…what is it?

A personal dating service is different from a dating site because the profiles and the people that you look through, have already been handpicked and verified. There is someone who is meeting the people that you are being suggested to see, and making sure that what they are saying about themselves is real. There is no deception, and you are not letting the person who is writing about themselves taint who they really are. It is a way that you can cut down on scams and fraud and time. If you are looking for a good personal dating service then you should read the Xpress Reviews | Is Xpress.com a fraud or is it real?

What are the advantages to a personal dating service

A personal dating service will weed through people who you are not compatible with to the people that you are. Because they are hand picking people who they have verified and met not only do you not waste your time, you don’t have to go out on a million dates to find the one person in the crowd who was worth it. They look for people who are in your “league” and find people who aren’t just out for your money, or something else.

The disadvantages to a personal dating service

The most obvious one is going to be that they are expensive. Not everyone can afford to have someone handpick love for them. The site costs money because they have to interview and find the rich people to be on their site and to meet with you. That means more man hours, and more to do. That cost is handed down.

on the road

Someone else may be making your fate

Another disadvantage is that you could miss out on someone who is great for you. There is going to be a difference in the type of people that you meet on a personal dating service. They have a tendency to be more “classy”, but that may mean more stuffy and not so much fun. That is not always the case, but you have to consider what you may be losing. When you let love happen naturally, you can find the things that you love about someone for yourself. Less fabricated, you aren’t limited in your choices, or being swayed to one person or another. Some believe that fate is in charge of who we love, and how we meet people in our lives. When you use a personal dating service there is very little left to chance. That can be good, and it can be bad depending on what you want.

The Android platform is the best thing that happened to mobile devices, and the rising availability of high-end camera phones makes them a winning combination. Since the Android is a very versatile platform, programmers have created different kinds of apps that utilize the camera function. Here are the 5 top photography apps for the Android out on the market today.

Become an Instant Professional Photographer

Cymera is a phenomenal photography app that lets you become an instant professional photographer in an instant. It has a lot of photo-editing tools where the user can customize their taken photos. And that’s not all: users of this app can choose from four shooting modes, up to 20 filters, and seven distinct lenses types. No one picture can be the same with using this wonderful app.

Top 5 Best New Photography Apps for Android

Top 5 Best New Photography Apps for Android

Take Professional Looking Retro Photos

If you prefer being in the old school or consider the new style overrated; then you can use Retro Camera. This vintage style photography app feels like you’re back in the 70’s with retro style cameras and processing effects. With over 5 sets of assortments of vintage vignette, and post effects like film scratch and others, it truly reproduces the iconic images of the good old days.

The Power of Photoshop on Your Phone

A photography device is not complete without the ever-useful Photoshop. Adobe’s Photoshop Express is their answer to the call of android users for a free photo-editing app right at their fingertips. Edit your photos in an instant by adjusting the color, cropping portions of images, and using post-effects that adds style and art to your ordinary photos. And since the app is an exclusive from Adobe, you will never go wrong with this app for your Android.

Top 5 photography apps for Android

Top 5 photography apps for Android

Make Beautiful Collages in an Instant

Making collages on your computer is a tedious job. But with Photo Grid and your Android device, making collages has never been this fun. This app has 4 special college editors, namely H&W HD, Sketch Guru, Grid HD and Single HD. Pick the photos you want easily, where up to 9 photos can be selected. You can then start editing the placement of these photos on a very simple-to-use interface that is very user friendly.

Bring out the Artist in You

Pics Art is a wonderful photography app that brings out the artist in you. With this app, you can make collages, take photos and draw on these photos on the spot. It also contains effects which include pop art, colorsplash, distort and a whole lot more. This can definitely give life to your dull photos.

What most people don’t realize is that there are a lot of good photography apps built for Android. Just grab a decent Android-powered camera phone and you can take professional looking photos in an instant.

Why is it a boat journey? All along there could be ups and downs which could rock your boat. Independent of them, life should move along smoothly. How does one know it’s time to get married and settle down? One is you should be above a certain age before even you start thinking about it. It is 18 years for girls and 21 years for the boys. Look out for the following indications which could steer you towards marriage.

Met the right person of your life and can’t imagine life without him/her

Yes, you have met the person several times and have had several dates. You find that you enjoy the person’s company and your values and ideas match. Everything you do in the company of the person makes you feel better. Probably you would enjoy watching a movie more in his/her company rather than watching it alone or with somebody else. You find that you are very free and at ease in his/her company. You can easily communicate and tell him/her what’s in your mind. He also is true and honest with you. You have met his/her family and comfortable with them. The person lets you know directly or indirectly that he/she like your company and is ready for a future together.

Cousteau: Why I'm going to live in an underwater village

Cousteau: Why I’m going to live in an underwater village

You are lonely and need company

If you have been staying alone for a long time and want companionship, future worries you and you want someone of your own. You visualize a family around you. You want the warmth of people around to face the everyday hurdles of life. You feel it’s time to give something to gain something in life. Since staying together always means adjustment and compromises. It is a path both of you takes together. Any action on your part is likely to affect your partner and you should keep this in mind.

Romanticism appeals to you and you are ready for it

Suddenly you find that all those romantic songs appeal to you. You are waiting to fall in love and get into a commitment. You find that the friends around you have settled down in marriage and are very happy. They have somebody to share their joys and sorrows in life. When you see other couples you feel jealous. You read a lot of romantic books and want to enjoy similar feelings. Yes, this is a sign of wanting to get married and you are mentally prepared for it. You are prepared to make the adjustments for the peaceful married life.

King of the Jungle

King of the Jungle


Since marriage is a lifelong commitment, you need to think a lot before making the right decision. Initially you may think you are ready for it and get into a relationship. But as time passes by you realize that you need to be open to constant changes to keep up the relationship. Be flexible and give space to your partner. To start with marriage may seem rosy and all that is nice in life, but later on when practical issues crop up you realize that there is more to marriage.

Obesity has become a major topic in the health scene, simply because of the fact that people seem to be getting fatter and fatter even when they try to regulate their diet. The real problem behind this issue is the lack of proper diet education among the people. There are certain foods that seem to bear all the characteristics of a healthy diet, but somewhere in between them lies a Trojan horse.

Anything that is fired should get fired

Some people tend to go the vegan way, the reason being that animal products are the number one cause of weight gain. But have you ever considered that crisps and chips do more harm? You have to give thought to the amount of fat used to make these foodstuffs. Most of this fat is just piled up in your body, so you end up gaining more and more weight. Fried foodstuffs should be off your menu or at least lower your consumption levels to triple the amount you take on a daily basis. This will help reduce all that weight you are hitting the gym for, only to regain it the next day at brunch.

Food for thought: Your brain can make you fat as scientists link obesity to DNA

Food for thought: Your brain can make you fat as scientists link obesity to DNA

Try to keep off those dried fruits

According to studies done by various research groups, trying to sum up the calorie content in both fresh and dried grapes, the latter topped the chart with high calorie content. Cup for cup, it was discovered that dried fruit has eight times more calories than the amount recorded on the fresh kind. The conclusion was that the dried fruit was much denser that its fresh counterpart simply because the former is dehydrated. What makes dried fruit worse is the fact that many brands that process they add sugar and as it is common with sugary foods, the calorie content shoots through the roof. So taking dried fruit may seem wise, but with all the facts on the screen, it is better to take a deeper thought to it.

Bread does contribute to weight gain

Bread makes up the breakfast menu in many households. It is not that harmful really, the only thing that makes it worth toning down is the craving that comes with it. People end up consuming a lot more bread in a single sitting than they should simply because it is sweet. This makes it harder to control weight gain for people who have this sort of habit. The only solution to this kind of problem is to try adopting other options that will help you score big in your fight against weight gain. You can try adopting grain intake for a more balanced approach in curbing those carbs. You can introduce foods such as whole wheat pasta, wild rice or quinoa in your diet for healthier intake.

Dieters, Beware: 9 Myths That Can Make You Fat

Dieters, Beware: 9 Myths That Can Make You Fat

The conclusion to all of this comes down to sugar and calorie control. By reducing the size of calories you take upper serving, you reduce your chances of gaining unhealthy weight. Most of these foods contain sugar. Processed foods are the worst, with most of the ‘natural sweeteners‘ being sugary additives in disguise.

Money is very important because it settles our daily needs such as food, water, and more. We earn money through hard work from honest jobs. No matter how small your salary may be, if you know how to budget then you’re well off and have more money to spare.

We always look for a brighter future and engage in things we wish could help us get there. Sometimes there are opportunities that would possibly change our fortunes. Others will persuade us to invest in an idea that is sure to double how much you are willing to cash out. Or so you think it would unless you are sure of it.

Avoid Common Mistakes When Investing Money

Avoid Common Mistakes When Investing Money

There have been scams that have victimized those who invested on things but did not return as promised. Don’t be one of them.

Invest Not on Recent Trends

Don’t rush pulling out money so that you can be part of something that’s on the trend these. Carefully evaluate the status of the project first before making your decision. If you decided too hastily without any preparations whatsoever, you might end up losing just before you even started.

Don’t Fall For Pitches from Celebrities

If you are being persuaded by representatives of high in the sky celebrities who want you to be part of them, don’t get stars trucked. Do not think for a second that if celebrities offer you an opportunity of a lifetime, you will eventually stand up to their level and become rich. Always weigh in the possibilities if it’s the right fit for you. Do not get caught in the moment and release money for something you’re not sure you’ll be happy with.

7 Common Investor Mistakes

7 Common Investor Mistakes

Don’t Assume that Stocks are Good Substitutes

Stocks are the value of the money you invested on a particular project. You may get a good substitute out of it from your fixed income allocation which is less risky and can get you over. But the main risk is that stocks can either get you over or get you under. If it doesn’t work out well, you’ll end up losing a lot more than what you’ve invested. Careful understanding of procuring a stock market is essential.

Don’t Invest on What You don’t Understand

If you don’t fully understand the offer, then better leave at the table or just throw it away. Don’t get easily persuaded on the conclusion that you will earn a substantial amount if you put your money into it. Careful planning and preparation is very important before engaging in lucrative deals.

Don’t Waste Your Money for Nothing

If you think you have the means to invest doesn’t necessarily mean you should do so. Do not let others get the better judgment out of you. You alone should decide what’s best for your assets with the right resources to help you.

Investing for a brighter future is very important especially at a young age because you have so much more to look forward to. But always be reminded to be aware of the risks you are taking. They will only be nullified if you did extensive planning and preparation to make sure you will succeed in the end and earn lots of money.

Working from homecan be anything from a full-time career to a part-time job that gives you extra spending money. It gives you the ability to be your own boss, call the shots, and create your own schedule. Since you are your own boss, the chance of procrastinating is huge, thus wasting a lot of time before the deed is done. You can get tempted by the TV, magazines or other pastimes like playing games or even incessant chatting with your friends online. Bosses manage their time properly, and it is about time for you to behave like one.

Time Management is All about Setting Goals and Keeping Them

This allows you to look forward instead of back, and it keeps you on track and focused. It is important when starting out on your work from home journey to set goals and keep them. Make a list of the milestones and markers you will need to achieve the “goal”, such as:

  • I need to determine how much time I have to devote to this.

  • I need to allot a specific timeframe for this project.

  • I need to finish the task as per schedule.

3 Work-at-Home Time Management Challenges Solved

3 Work-at-Home Time Management Challenges Solved

If you are running your own business, your list might look like:

  • I need to plan this month’s budget.

  • I need to make social contacts./

  • I need to put out advertisements

Keeping goals is hard when you create an unrealistic time frame or budget.  That is why you have to properly track that down too—time and money.

Do Not Over Commit

One of the best time management tips is to learn to say, “No!” when are presented with too many tasks on hand. Keeping goals is much easier when you are honest about what you can afford or accomplish in a given period of time.  So above all be honest with yourself. It is best to take on fewer tasks and to perform them well than to take on too many and do them poorly.

3 Effective Time Management Tips For Working Moms

3 Effective Time Management Tips For Working Moms

Prioritize, prioritize, and prioritize!

​It can be highly effective to sit down with one’s day planner or calendar once a week to prioritize what things are more important to accomplish within a given week.  Without a doubt, work should be given priority over leisure activities.  Keep in mind that a big project due on Saturday should take precedence over going to the theater.  Learning to plan a week around what should come first is one of the more valuable time management tips for people working from home. There are also several convenient time management apps available for smartphones. The kicker, most of them are free.

Working from home can be quite challenging. They are equal parts fun and trouble.  If you want to keep the goals you have set then be realistic with them. Great time management means asking yourself if you can get something accomplished in a given time frame and if you can get it done well.